Named pattern : the Shadi skirt

Dear readers,

It appears that I have been making a lot of announcements on this blog lately and my follow-up capacity is limited. But, for once, I have good news: you may remember my purchase of the Shadi Knit Skirt pattern from the F/W 14-15 collection of Named Patterns. Well, I did sew 2 versions of the skirt in August, photographed them in Guatemala in September and now they are on the blog in late October, YAY!

Named shadi skirt

Named shadi skirt lace

It’s a simple pattern that I could probably have drafted myself but I really wanted to give this company a try. I don’t regret it. The construction was pleasant. I like the narrowing at the knee and the very wide elastic waistband. The first version is made from leftovers of my faux lace Nettie Dress.

named stripe shadi front named stripe shadi back

I found this super sof striped jersey in one of Port-au-Prince fabric stores. Obviously, the lace one is only one appropriate for work, the stripes are reserved for date nights… But both are perfect for traveling, they take 0 space, they don’t wrinkle and they can be dressed up/down easily.

Named stripes shadi skirt

I used size 32EUR (0 US). I love that they take the smallest spectrum of the sizes into consideration. However, Named patterns are designed for tall people and at only 5’3, I knew I wanted the skirts considerably shorter. But I forgot to shorten the pattern before cutting the fabric. It felt like a waste, I don’t know what was distracting me, sigh…

I guess this is how much I can talk about two basic knit skirts! I hope I will find some of Named future designs more wearable as I enjoyed working with this pattern. I will definitely use it next time I stumble on a cute knit (very rare around here…). It’s a very quick make and it forces me to practice my (limited) serger skills.

I still feel sort of guilty for not making the pattern.. Do you sometimes buy the pattern of something you could have drafted? Is that ok?

7 thoughts on “Named pattern : the Shadi skirt

  1. Ines

    Cute skirts! I have recently purchased a pattern for a poncho yep you read me well. It’s essentially a rectangle but I really don’t feel like spending about an hour measuring and such I don’t know I don’t enjoy drafting even if its just a rectangle I like the part where I get to sew much better.

  2. Jana

    I totally think it’s okay to buy a pattern you could have drafted yourself. If you’d rather spend the money on the pattern than the time it would take you to make your own, why shouldn’t you? It’s your hobby, you’re supposed to do what’s fun for you!
    Personally, I wouldn’t have bought this pattern, but that’s okay too, right? (:

    • Sewing Tidbits

      You took the words out of my keyboard. I almost wrote about my problem of having more money than time but then decided that it soumded too much like a #firstworldproblem…
      And yes it’s ok that we don’t all like the same pattern, although there is some online sewing pressure sometimes!

  3. Karla

    I’m sewing this skirt for someone else, and I’d rather trust the ease calculation to someone else…so yes, it’s perfectly fine to buy a simple pattern. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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