Free pattern alert: the French Jeans edition

I am usually a bit lazy when it comes to reading french sewing blogs, but I was catching up on Threads and Needles today and I discovered the French brand 1083. For the explanation, 1083 km is the longest distance between 2 french towns/willages, so it’s all about Made in France jeans and sneakers. Their jeans are made of organic cotton and are affordable. I have to admit that I am quite impressed with the business model.

Now comes the best part, the jeans patterns are under Creative Commons so they are free!! You can find them on this page, or you can click on the links below and be directed to the PDF in case your French is a bit rusty

Straight jeans for men W26-40 L30-36


Straight jeans for women W24-36 L30-36

A bootcut for women W24-36 L30-36

Now, there are no instructions but hey free pattern!! The pdf is tileable with adobe acrobat pro… Enjoy! I don’t plan on making them because 1/ I can’t locate the notions here and 2/the waist seems a bit high for my taste but I would love to see what you will make out of it!!

33 thoughts on “Free pattern alert: the French Jeans edition

  1. Sara

    That’s terrific! Those straight jeans are right up my alley. I’ve never sewn jeans though, but I might work up the courage with these!

  2. Micoton

    I made the jeans 1083 for my boyfriend, and he loves it!
    In fact, there are no instructions, but there was a workshop for jeans in Burda 03/2014, and with Jalie’s instructions, and real jeans to look how it is sewn! It was not easy, but very pleasant to finish these jeans!
    For information, 1083 write me that they will sell the pattern with instructions and fabric at the end of the month : the “kit 0 km”.

  3. Paula

    I want the men’s pattern and the women’s boot cut but cannot seem to download them. I really want to try these. I just cannot find jeans to fit either myself or my husband.. This would be wonderful!

  4. Marcello

    I printed off the pattern pieces, but the front pant leg pattern seems smaller than the back. The top of the pant legs do not match up with the top of the back legs after the yoke is in place. Thoughts?

      • Marcello

        Its almost like as if the front leg patterns are smaller both inseam wise as well as over-all length of pattern. I stitched one leg piece to one back leg piece in the largest size available just to see if my thinking was correct and could barely get it on and I am a 33in waist.

      • Sewing Tidbits

        This is very curious indeed! The pattern is available in different lengths (that’s what the word “longueur” stands for) did you use the same for the front and the back?

      • Marcello

        I used the largest pattern length/width lines when I cut the muslin. I’m wondering if the print settings played a part in this. I chose “fit to page” when I printed it. I hope I don’t sound or appear to be stupid regarding this. I thank you for your assistance as I love the pattern and only want it to work as designed.

      • Sewing Tidbits

        No problem Marcello! The printing may have been an issue. As a general rule, when printing sewing patterns you never use “fit to page” but rather ensure the ratio is at 100%! Good luck!

  5. Kira

    I had the same problem. There is a bit missing between the A and the B section. I’ve already noticed when I glued them together. A1 and B2 – A2 and B2… between these down to a11 and B11 is a stripe of the pattern missing. You can check this if you try to put these pages of the files together. The 1083 pattern is faulty, I’m afraid.

    • Sewing Tidbits

      I never actually made the pattern myself but looking at the file I’m under the impression that A11 and B11 are on the same page. I’m guessing you need to separate them and tape them respectively to A10 and B10. Do you think it would work?

      • Kira


        no that’s not what I meant. To be honest I’m really surprised how many people like this pattern but it seems nobody tried to sew it. Well, at least the men’s version, you find a lot of bootcut patterns for women, but not many for men online (even ones for which you have to pay).

        There definitely is a fault between the A and the B section, exactly 9mm are missing. To cut a long story short here are some pictures:

        Part 2 and part 6 of the pattern are affected. I spent quite a lot of time on mending the pattern in the last days. Luckily it’s a Creative Common Licence, so I could do that. I like the idea of this licence, I find it really great that these people made their pattern available for everybody.

        So I changed the PDF and the affected areas on the pattern. This was quite a lot of photoshopping as every missing line for every size had to be recreated from scratch.

        So today finally I finished the print of it:

        My plan is to translate the instructions into German and English during the next days. And as I’m a maker rather than a blogger I’ll also make the trousers before I’ll post the corrected pattern 😉

        Best wishes from the UK 😉

      • Marcello

        I did sew thus pattern and though I had to really modify it for me, I find them quite comfortable. I’ll post pictures when able to.

      • Sewing Tidbits

        Oooh now I see! Thanks for posting the pictures I think it will be very helpful to other people in trying this pattern out. I haven’t seen it made out on english speaking blogs but I saw quite a few version on French blogs. Micoton (see commenter above) is one of them!

    • Sewing Tidbits

      Dear Jodie, I was referring to the corrections to the pattern sheets that is referred by the above commenter Kira. I hope it helps! If you need more general jean making instructions, I would recommend the sew-along of Closet Case Files on the Ginger Jeans…

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