Dear readers,

Apart from pyjamas made from the Madeleine free pattern, I never ever made a Colette pattern. They don’t fit my size, my style or my sewing preferences (too much hand sewing and beginner techniques). However, I do own the book, I’ve been reading the blog since the beginning and got on every email lists for sneak peeks…. To be perfectly honest, I even started a project from the book but I quit at the muslin stage as I got too upset with the pattern. Despite my lack of interest for the patterns themselves, I am impressed at how Sarai’s ideas for the community are always ahead. And she did it again with Seamwork (if you enter your email, you can win 1-year for free and you give me an extra entry, if you don’t want to give me an extra entry click here ;-)).

I strongly believe that sewing is underusing the possibilities of online publishing. An online magazine like Seamwork will be a good first step. Personnally, I cannot wait to see more ebooks/apps that make full use of the different type of interactive media that can be integrated: video, animated illustrations, text, pictures that are zoomable, samples in 3D, in-app comment/feedback… This is something I am passionate about, so I could go on and on. But I want to hear from you! How do you think sewing instructions, patterns, books, etc. could make better use of the available technology?


9 thoughts on “Seamwork

  1. smittenness

    I hear you on the Colette patterns. They’re lovely but not for me at all, the tips are great though and really well-explained. The idea of an online mag is something that should have happened ages ago and I really admire Sarai being ahead of the game on this. It’ll be interesting to see how it goes as there’s so much online for free that there’s an expectation now.

    • Sewing Tidbits

      This is true, justifying paid content is increasingly difficult. I believe that this is one of the challenges for some indie pattern companies: demonstrating value for money when the internet has a strong free culture.

  2. Becky

    Colette patterns are not for me. They are a bit “futzy”. I like a more simple and elegant line. But I admire her business model and her foresight. I think the sewing community is currently driven by bloggers, and that is great, but where are the entrepreneurs? Lots of people make patterns, but the internet opportunities are virtually untapped. I would like to see an online sewing book regarding techniques. Everything that is currently offered here, there, and everywhere all in one place.

    • Sewing Tidbits

      Thanks for stopping by Becky! I had to google “futzy”, i love learning new words! I find your blogger/entrepreneur distinction interesting, especially since a lit of bloggers define themselves as entrepreneurs. Sarai, IMO, is a real entrepreneur and blogging is one of her tools.
      I’ve been thinking for a while now about an online sewing book or an app. I hope someone comes forward and takes the risk of designing a new product. Maybe something along the lines of cooking apps… I don’t know…

  3. erin goh

    Seamwork reminds me of an online free knitting magazine called knitty started in 2002. It’s still going strong after so many years 🙂

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