Open Skirt Project: final sample in floral

Dear readers,

I have been talking about this project for a good 6 months and I think I am almost there. I showed you toiles and I felt quite of bad for not updating the blog about it… I always wanted to know what it took to develop pdf sewing patterns from scratch to a product usable by others than me. I did learn a lot and I still have a lot of work to do. So far, my 2 main take-away are:

  • It’s not the patternmaking or the grading that takes the most time.
  • Writing instructions is really really hard.

OSP floral-13
I will probably write a post or two when I have some time about what I learnt. I feel some secrecy I cannot explain around the process. For instance, the tiling in Illustrator. Nobody explains clearly how they do it. I have to say that it is a bit annoying to figure it out but once you do your grid you can reuse it for any pattern. So I decided that I will share my grid with you and maybe save some time to people who wants to tile their patterns. Hopefully it will lead to more time to be spent on the patterns themselves!


For this last (?) version of the pattern, I smoothed the hip curve, updated the vent construction and fused the whole hem and vent area. But most of the work went to the pdf, making sure that lines were showing up everywhere they should. Also it is layered, if you use Acrobat Reader, you can choose which size you want to print.

OSP floral-12I took step by step pictures of the construction and tried to write an ebook. However I am not entirely convinced that it makes the process crystal clear. Now I also started doing some illustrations in Illustrator. I have 0 drawing skills so the process is quite painful! In case you download the instructions, I would very much welcome any feedback. You will also see that I added a “reference” section to highlight blogs, books and patterns that have guided me through my choices. In a way, I think of it as something between instructions and a mini-ebook.

OSP floral-6

On the seam finish I went back and forth between serged and and snug hug. Finally I decided for the snug hug. I talked about my obsession with this tape before so I will not repeat it! I also think it will appeal to more people (who may not have a serger). But what I like the most about it is that you can construct and finish everything with a straight stitch. In my case, it means everything on my industrial Juki. Fast and pretty results!!

OSP floral-1 OSP floral-2 OSP floral-3 OSP floral-4

Sorry for the pictures on my form. The form was made to measure 3 years ago in NYC but I lost some weight since (sigh…) and the skirt cannot close, but it does close on me!! I had this fabric for a year in my stash and I love love love it. I knew I wanted to use it for something special so this project was the one! It’s a floral stretch cotton from Mood and it’s all kind of perfect. Easy to work with, does not fray, presses well, etc. I made size 00 available and it’s comfortable thanks to the stretch factor and the slightly higher back vent than usual.

New Size Chart

Final words, , the PDF contains more pages than you may be used to for a simple skirt. First, pieces are divided between self fabric and fusible. All are intended to be cut single layer so the pieces for the self fabric are are laid on 21 pages and the fusible on 5.

OSP floral-5

If you are interested in downloading the pattern and receive the updates, please sign up for the newsletter (sent once a month if you get lucky). What I love the most about this project. is the email conversations I have with some readers since I started it. Feel free to tell me any of your thoughts in the comments or by email! I’m committed to making the best pattern I can with my limited time and amateur skills. What do you think, any advice already?


20 thoughts on “Open Skirt Project: final sample in floral

  1. Chris @ makeandwear

    I think it’s a great idea to put your skirt out there. I also look forward to seeing the tiling instructions. My only hesitation is that the sizing will not suit me (not your fault!) As with rtw and standard patterns there is almost 10″ of difference between waist and hip. The reason I make my own clothes is because I do not fit that hourglass template!

    • Sewing Tidbits

      Thanks Chris! I hope I will get around writing this post on the tiling! Interesting that you sew because RTW is too hourglass, I sew because I don’t find it hourglass enough!! Anyway, In case you want to attempt the pattern, I recommend you go by your hip size and widen the waist mostly at the side seam and secondarily remove some intake of the back dart.
      I loved your latest burda skirt, it looked so clean and well made!

  2. Art Attack

    I loved your skirt on Pattern Review. I’d like to download it and see if I can make a size 4…lol. I admire your determination to see this project through. The result is really special.
    Dorcas in Houston
    (Art Attack on PR)

    • Sewing Tidbits

      Thank you Dorcas. I really like your reviews on PR they are always so informative. The pieces are nested to it should not be too hard to grade up 1 size. Let me know if you have questions!

  3. Sasha

    You are doing such an amazing job. Love the whole “open source” idea behind it and besides the skirt looks amazing … as soon as the right fabric finds its way to me your skirt project will find its way to my cutting table 🙂

  4. Irene Baskouta-Pavlidou

    Thank you for the pattern! I ve made the skirt once for summer. Now I am planning to make your skirt in a winter fabric and I would like to line it. Should I cut the lining from the skirt pattern pieces?

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