Lagarfeld (and Burda) for meeeeee!!

I’ve been wanting to make this Karl Lagarfeld’s skirt (pattern available here)  since the day it got released, which was in 2010… so I’m not proud. Anyway, I had this military green wool from Fabricmart from over a  year ago, I’m really underestimating my stash! Work has been busy so it took me a while to  finish this skirt but here it is !



I was a bit unsure about the elasticated waist in the back and I happen to quite like it !


I love that it has pockets. If I was to do it again I would make them deeper. I would also be more careful finishing the waistband in the front because it got bulky from the seam allowances. The only change to the pattern I made was to to add 2″ for length. In case you’re thinking about making this skirt, trust me, lengthening is indispensable. I’m 5’3, I wear my skirts “New York short” and I would NOT have been comfortable if those 2 inches were not there…


I lined the faux-pockets flap with so left overs of grey china silk. The waistband, the zipper area and the cuff are interfaced. The metal zipper is Riri from Pacific Trimmings and the metal buttons from M&J.


Next project will be the illusion jacket from Burda 10/2012, I already got fabric from Mood. It’s a beautiful wool from Marc Jacobs. I got it fully professionally fused by Sun Fay (257 W 39th street on the 4th floor here in NYC), they do several yards in 10 minutes while you wait. The interfacing is  weft from Guide Fabrics.

I have some work to do on the pattern (size it down and petite adjustment) but I hope I’ll be able to show some progress soon…



10 thoughts on “Lagarfeld (and Burda) for meeeeee!!

  1. Marjolaine

    Wouah !! Elle est géniale ! J’ai ce magazine, et depuis longtemps je me dis que cette jupe est jolie mais importable. Tu viens de me prouver le contraire et maintenant il me la faut !

  2. petite josette

    J’adore ta version de cette jupe! En voyant le patron à l’origine j’avait peur de sa coupe un peu “parasol”, mais sur toi elle rend vraiment bien, j’ai vriament envie de copier 😛
    Au passage, je t’ai mise dans ma liste de nominées pour le “One Lovely Blog/Very inspiring blogger Award”, parmi les 10 blogs que j’adore lire (et dont j’aimerai piquer toutes les créations coutures !)
    Bonne Année!

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