Ramblings on 1 year of blogging. Asking for your opinion!

1. It’s been a year… Phew, I never thought I would make it! This blog is not my first try and all the others failed miserably after a few weeks so YAY ME!

2. After a year it is still very small, growing little by little and I like it. I cannot say that I have found my “voice”, it’s more of an experimentation. I’m not extremely comfortable writing for some reason. Which is weird because I write all day long (reports, notes, minutes and such…) and I read so much about sewing everyday that it could have imprinted (I can never say this without thinking about this creepy part from twilight, yes I read twilight AND saw the movies AND no I’m not 12…) but apparently not. Maybe I’m not dedicating enough time to it, it’s like I’m trying to write the post as fast as possible… Any advice on better writing ?

3. I’m still very uncomfortable in front of the camera. I think it shows (that’s what The Old Man told me when he saw my blog. Doing it by myself with the tripod helps a little, at least there are no witnesses and I can delete dozens of embarrassing pictures!! But my point and shoot camera was already very basic when I bought (in an airport on my way to Zambia) 4 years ago. So now my Iphone takes better pictures. Should I invest in something else or not, the question open for debate…


4. I would like to do more informative content (tutorials, uploading patterns, etc.) but I can’t seem to find the time. Also, I’m always wondering about my added value compared to all the amazing stuff already out there. What is missing really? I’m thinking about steps to make your finished results closer to nice RTW, information is available but sometimes hard to assimilate or to adapt to home sewing patterns users. I’m also thinking about how to make them all visual, no text (kind of the makeup/hair ones on pinterest) would it make any sense or am I just being lazy not wanting to write ?


5. I’m also reflecting on how to integrate better the blog with my Instagram account, I like Instagram a lot: pictures, no need to talk too much, nice small sewing community… I even toyed the idea of having an instagram only presence… I’ve read with interest this post by House of Pinheiro. I’ve been trying to interact more on other people’s blog, but using feedly to read, it makes it inconvenient to comment. FourSquareWalls also mentioned Instagram as a blogging supplement in her 2nd blogoversary.


6. Speaking of FourSquareWalls, her blog has been one of my favorite reads over the last year so I was totally shocked when she mentioned my Lagarfeld for Burda skirt as her inspiration for her Green Army Skirt (although the first commenter said I look weird. Don’t worry commenter, while having my picture taken, I feel super weird so I end up looking the same!). Other highlights have been to have the Ready-for-the-Office Dress and the Open Back Dress featured by Burdastyle.


7. I’m soooo bad at sewalongs… I completed my Thread Theory Jedediah muslin last weekend… Should I keep trying? I think I may want to limit myself to the PR RTW Challenge.


8. Finally, blog looks… Not much to say here, It’s extremely basic, sometimes when I visit other bloggers I get a little envious but then I remember that mine is not a business, I have no design skills and I should focus on the content…


That’s it! Loooong wordy post for my standards and I’m ready to listen to all your suggestions and advice !!

10 thoughts on “Ramblings on 1 year of blogging. Asking for your opinion!

  1. natoley

    I am at the beginning stages of another attempt to start a blog – I hope that in a years time it can be as good as yours! Some really lovely work on here 🙂 congratulations on a year of blogging!

    • The Sewing French Girl

      Hey Natoley! Thanks for stopping by and your kind words. I hope you will succeed in your blog attempt. What helped me was to identify what was blocking me from updating (for me it was pictures) and to figure out a plan to make it manageable. Good luck!

  2. Shelley

    Congratulations on your first year of blogging. I found you this evening on Kollobora and wanted to read your blog. I rarely comment, but I thought it is very brave of you to admit what you see as your weaknesses on your blog. You have a passion to share your sewing experiences (and from what I have seen so far, you are quite good). The fact that you are examining yourself tells me you have a desire to improve. You have a lovely and interesting blog. I think you will excel at this venture. Thank you for taking the time to share with us.

  3. Nissa

    So I only came across your blog tonight (kollabora) and read a couple of posts and I really enjoyed them! Then I read this and thought I’d let you know. I think you have a great voice through what I’ve read and stunning photos. If I wrote about my own blog (very early days) I’d write exactly the same as you have here. I’m enjoying Instagram and twitter more than blog writing but think I’ll do it for as long as it’s still fun.

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