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Bringing it all together?

Dear readers,

One of the issues of blogging only sporadically is to remember to give some contexts to whatever I’m about to say. Over the last few months, I have mentally wrote several posts so I feel like you are up to date with my train of thoughts when in fact, not at all! So let’s recap a little.

Since moving back to Haiti exactly a year ago, I  have moved from one challenging and time-consuming job to another  even more challenging and time-consuming one. Who would have thought that was possible?? But possible it was, and this is the situation now… In parallel, I also found that if I thought that being the single working mom of an infant was not an easy job, being the single working mom of a toddler is a completely different game. Basically, I have two very tiring jobs….

So where has my sewing time gone? Well, it’s not entirely gone, the proof is that today I’m including in this post pictures of two of my personal samples for Just Patterns, the Kate Bias Top and the Yasmeen skirt. But my personal sewing time has also been diverted by the attempts to keep Just Patterns (barely) alive. I haven’t been able to do much more than responding to customer requests and some occasion Instagram posting so that people know that we are still active. I’m disappointed because I had basically two patterns to release since the beginning of the year, but it has not been possible and I don’t see how it will become easier in the coming months.


Pattern Link  – Just Patterns Yasmeen Skirt and Kate Bias Top
Size – 34

Amazingly, the patterns have continued to sell! Compared to last year, we did very little marketing effort, released no new pattern and yet we are on track to sell more patterns… This makes me so happy and proud. It also makes me realize the this little pattern project means a lot to me than I initially thought. I regularly day dreams of running away from my job. I can’t help but think that if I dedicated more time and effort to it, it could turn into something else. My job is stimulating and rewarding but it is also extremely stressful and it has me outside of the house/away from my daughter 12 hours per day. I’m definitely not ready to quit and start living the sewing life, but there are days when the temptation is real…

Just Patterns Yasmeen Kate-7

In the mean time, I need to re-assess how I commit my time and my energy. I’m starting to realize that the idea of maintaining two blogs, one here and one for Just Patterns is completely unrealistic. I don’t have time to produce enough content and I never got used to the more neutral tone for Just Patterns. The way I write on this blog feels much more like me. There are also other considerations, such as never really liking the interface of the Just Patterns site or the name of my own blog “Sewing Tidbits”. When we launched Just Patterns, I just used a standard wordpress website, which doesn’t allow us to host a proper e-shop. It was fine then but now it looks a bit sad.


Fabric – Raspberry silk from stash (bought years ago in the NY garment district) and blush linen twill from Mood Fabrics in NY.
Notions – Invisible zip and grosgrain waistband from stash

So I have been thinking about creating a new site for Just Patterns and moving my blog there too. That way I would only maintain one blog, with my rea “voice” but also the tutorials we do occasionally for Just Patterns… I still have a few technical and time management concerns, but mostly what I would like to hear is your opinion. Since Eira and I launched this project, I have tried to be as transparent as possible with you and listened to what readers and customers had to say. So I thought I would ask you, would it be weird to have it Sewing Tidbits and Just Patterns under one virtual roof?

14 thoughts on “Bringing it all together?

  1. Becky

    NO, it would not be weird, it would be easier to navigate for your clients as well. So go for it! I admire your tenacity and hope you won’t give up Just Patterns. Having said that, I don’t know how you do it!

  2. teaweed

    Unusual, but in a good way. I don’t follow many pattern company blogs, ’cause I’m interested in personal sewing not corporate messages. I’m interested in what pattern companies have to offer, just not what they have to say.

  3. Jo in Sydney

    You should go for it. Many other indie designers post their personal projects on their pattern site blogs and I think it just makes the person behind the scenes a bit closer and real to the reader. Toddlers + work is a tough gig – do what makes sense to you!

  4. KathyS

    I think combining the blogs is great idea. Potential customers and blog readers are at the same place. A personal sewing blog on the site would make for more interesting reading than a impersonal company blog. I read Sewing Tidbits to see what you’re making and thinking about sewing.

    • Sewing Tidbits

      Hello Kathy!
      Thanks for your feedback, I think you are correct that personal blogs are usually more interesting that company blogs. Documenting what is sewn and sewing thoughts is what has always appealed to me when it comes to reading others or writing my own blog!

  5. Splinters&Stitches

    I don’t think it’s weird, I say go for it. I don’t usually follow pattern company blogs, but as long as it doesn’t feel like a constant advertisement for Just Patterns you’ll be fine.

    Also, I’m sorry to hear that you are a single mom. 😦 I don’t know how you do it, my husband went away for a 3 day Ag conference and I (re)discovered that I’m not cut out to be a single mom. Hugs and kudos to you Wonder Woman!

    • Sewing Tidbits

      I don’t think I have it in me to post constant advertisement. I find marketing writing to be very tedious so I hope I’ll be able to mostly discuss my sewing thoughts!

      Single momming is not as bad as it sounds. I have it easier than most because I have financial stability (which a lot of single mothers struggle with) and I live in a country where I can access high quality support. Basically, I have the best nanny in the world!

  6. Beth (SunnyGal Studio)

    I think it would be great to combine into one blog – you have an interesting point of view via your experiences and location. Plus readers do like a bit of personal mixed with business, I think this is the reason that there is interest in indie patterns, for a personal touch. Yes to sewing thoughts 🙂

    • Sewing Tidbits

      Thank you for stopping by Beth! I was thinking about how nice it had been to meet you in New York almost 2 years ago!
      I have this impression that there is some renewed interest in blogs. Maybe it’s only me, I have been feeling overwhelmed by the “visual inspiration” of Instagram. I tend to gravitate more towards blog content on sewing thoughts rather than the actual garments sewn (I’m thinking of things like sewcialists, or your random toughts). So yeah, sewing thoughts all the way!

  7. Celeste Morris

    Your life, your blog(s), your work, your spirit = your choice!!! Though, personally, I think combining the blogs and your perspective make perfect sense AND I purchased, made, and love your Stephanie skirt this year! Like you, though I blog and am on IG, I find much more value and inspiration (as well as literal sewing intel) on blogs!!! I wish you my best in all things.

  8. vampirewithfreckles

    I honestly feel it would be easier for you, your Blog readers, as well as, clients of your “Just Pattern” site to be housed under one roof. Although this arrangement may not be the norm for Indie pattern companies – but how Blogs and Indie pattern companies function on the Internet is not carved in stone so-to-speak and as a business owner and a Blog writer I believe you should have the freedom to structure your site(s) in whatever format that works best for you. Not to mention, I have always enjoyed your sites due to the fact the are different from other sewing related sites (in a positive way) which is why I continue to subscribe to your sites.

    BTW – I enjoy your Blog whenever I see it pop up and the frequency of your posts is not an issue for me. In fact, I find other Blogs I subscribe to post too frequently and as a result they don’t have much new or unique material to keep my attention and as a result I seldom open and/or read their posts.

    Basically, I would suggest you find a balance between your actual job, responsibilities as a parent along with the demands of writing a Blog and pattern business – in a format that works best for you and your life situation. Personally, I feel combining the two sites into one is a no brainer and an win/win for all concerned.

    That’s all for now, Nancy

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