Vogue 8379 – a wrap dress that was not sewed-along

Dear readers,

Coming back from Guatemala in March to a clean and organized sewing room had the most surprising effect. I lost all my inspiration. After a week of indecisiveness, I bit the bullet and decided to use a pattern from my stash you probably all know, since Mccalls was running a sew along on their blog. My inability to participate in social events around the sewing community is well documented un-documented. As soon as I decide to take part in a sew-along, contest or anything, my excitement for the project drops entirely. In addition, not getting many opportunities to sew during the week, when I do, I clock several hours at once. The step by step approach of sewalongs – attach the collar and next week we’ll tackle the sleeves – does not work for me. I’m more a #sewuntilyoureyeshurt and #oopsthatsleeveisinsideout kind of person. But I’ll admit it, I am weak. I did not know what to sew, I had the pattern in my stash, I love thinkingI’m copying designers. So I went for it…

vogue-8379-Sewing Tidbits
I think I wrote several time about how rarely I work with Big4 patterns and why. I will NOT use 5/8″ seam allowances on a knit. Reading the instructions, I realized there was ease in the cap sleeve. Ease in a t-shirt sleeve!! I also checked the many many PR reviews and saw that the skirt is considered very full. I draped size 8 on my form with the paper pattern. Vogue 8379 - Draping the pattern - SewingTidbits

The picture is blurry but you can see how different it looks from the illustration. I decided to redraw the side seam and remove a lot of length. The final skirt length is 20″ and the hem circumference is 74″. I was surprised to find the waistline hitting at the right spot. I assume that it should be lengthen for none petite bodies. Other than that, the bust measurement is quite high, do they believe bust level is where the circled cross is???
Vogue 8379 - Draping the pattern - SewingTidbitsI removed 1/4 where the point of the wrap at the bodice meets the waistline to prevent gaping and changed all the SA’s to 3/8″. I removed 1/4″ on each side seam of the bodice, thus a 1″ overall.

I found around 1″ of ease in the sleeve cap. To remove it, I lowered the cap by 3/8″flatten the back portion and remove about 1/2″ on each side of the underarm seam (1/4″ being due to my intake in the bodice side seam). Vogue 8379 - Draping the pattern - SewingTidbitsThe dress was sewn entirely on the serger and what took the most time was probably finding the motivation of catch stitching the facing and the hem. The good parts in my procrastination is that with 2 weeks on the form, the skirt had all the times it needed to stretch out so I could safely mark and hem without risking further stretching.

Vogue 8379 by SewingTidbitsI only did a passable job at making my catch stitching invisible and it bothers me a little. But definitely not enough to redo it! The fabric is the last piece of a black jersey which at this stage I’m not entirely sure I bought it in Paris or in NYC. I get very worried about my memory. When I hear other seamstresses with stashes 20 times the size of mine (yes, it’s small), saying that they can remember buying each piece, I’m embarrassed. My entire stash holds in one drawer and although I think I know everything I own and could mention it from the top of my head, I get surprises every time! Am I the only one? Is my memory particularly bad?
Vogue 8379 by SewingTidbits

Vogue 8379 by SewingTidbitsI didn’t like spending all this time on the pattern of what I consider a relatively basic knit dress. If you add my low sew-jo and The Old Man’s not-so-subtle-comments about spending time on dresses when I mostly wear jeans & shirts, I was about the quit several times. Even when I finished it, I was disappointed. I was planning a pathetic blog post about how I AGAIN sewed something I don’t need and how The Old Man was right. But last week I had a work cocktail and it ended up being very useful. I got a lot of compliments, including from The Old Man.

vogue-8379-10 Vogue 8379 - Sewingtidtbits

I am now convinced that this dress induced a major blogging break. Yes, I blame it on a dress 😉 . I started this review a month ago and could not manage to finish it. Final verdict: I will probably wear that dress but I can’t say that I love it. I decided to take it as a lesson. Recently I was discussing with the very smart Seamripped if we sew what we want to wear or wear what we want to sew. In that case I believe I have been wanting to make a wrap dress for a long time (blame it on the DVF patterns) but I never pictured myself wearing one. So in the future I want to take let what I want to wear (my fashion board on Pinterest VS my sewing board). If you follow me in Instagram you saw that I put it into practice twice already…

What about you? How do you decide what to sew?


16 thoughts on “Vogue 8379 – a wrap dress that was not sewed-along

  1. Sara

    Gorgeous dress and it fits like a glove! Well worth all the mods you made. I know how you feel about sometimes needing to sew things for the experience of making them, and it’s wonderful if you actually discover you want to wear them. This dress should be a workhorse in your closet!

  2. Sandra

    J’adore ta robe, c’est une pièce importante d’une garde-robe, même si tu ne la portes pas hyper souvent : elle a un effet très classe avec le confort (je présume 😉 ) de la robe en jersey. Et cette alliance des deux est un atout de taille. Et elle te va super bien !
    C’est typiquement le genre de robe dont j’aurais besoin pour mes cours de tango. Mais quand je vois toutes les modifs que tu as du faire, ça me fait un peu peur…

    Il faut savoir aussi discerner quelles coupes/formes vont à notre morpho sans essayages préalables, c’est le plus dur, je trouve. D’autant plus que nous sommes toujours fortement influencées par les réalisations des autres. Ce qui est top sur certaines ne le sera pas forcément sur nous et vice versa… Parfois on ne se fait de fausses idées : j’avais flashé sur la combi Dominique de RdC mais j’ai eu très peur de l’aspect combi avec pantalon ajusté taille haute vu de dos. Et je me trompais, j’adore déjà ma toile ! Pas facile d’anticiper…

    Belle journée !

    • Sewing Tidbits

      Merci Sandra! Je suis contente de voir que je ne suis pas la seule complètement influençable par ce que les autres cousent sur la blogo… En fait il n’y a pas tant de motifs sur cette robe. Surtout si c’est pour danser je te conseillerai de laisser l’ampleur de la jupe. La seule chose pour moi qu’il faut absolument enlever c’est l’embu des manches!!

      • Sandra

        😉 On se nourrit les unes les autres, c’est ça qui est bien. Pour les manches, je vais faire sans (on transpire vite au tango !) et pour la jupe, justement, il ne faut pas qu’on voie ma culotte à chaque fois que je tourne. sur la vidéo, ça ferait désordre xD.

  3. Fabric Tragic

    For the most part I don’t really need any more clothes but there are tiny gaps that crop up. I really just make what I think I will enjoy wearing and get some reasonable wear out of. And that I can make well. In gorgeous fabrics. I like your dress. I made a black merino wrap dress at the end of last winter, using a vintage vogue pattern – it has the loveliest shoulder email. I’d better iron it and start wearing it – it’s cold enough here that’s for sure.

  4. Petite Josette

    I think this dress seems like a good basic to have in your wardrobe, and I’m sure you’ll get a lot of use out of it!.i don’t sew Big4 very much either (with some exceptions). I have so many Burda magazines it’s hard to justify buying more patterns (although I still manage to do it).
    I fell like I’m pretty good at wearing what I sew and sewing what I want to wear. Luckily i have an office job where I can wear whatever I want, so it helps in encouraging me to be more creative with my outfits. My biggest concern when sewing something is to make sure that I can pair it with other things in my wardrobe (especially bottoms, for some reasons those are the hardest to pair up). As far as getting your sewjo back, try to make simpler things for a while: a simple top with a shape that you love, a tee-dress for the week-end, things that don’t require a muslin or a lot of fitting alterations, and that you know will fit in your lifestlye. Good luck!

    • Sewing Tidbits

      Hi!! So nice of you to comment here, I love your blog!! I do have quite a few (hum hum) burda too and they systematically fit me better than Big 4, especially the Petite sizing. My office job is not restrictive but more on the business casual side. Because of the environment it would be a little funny to come all dressed up with heels and flowery dresses every day.
      The sewjo is slowly coming back, I did focus on clean shapes that really fit my lifestyle and I went back to draping on my form instead of using patterns. That seems to have done the trick. Although now I’m in Canada for a month so there won’t be sewing these days!

  5. Rikki

    I think this dress looks perfect on you! Very flattering:) I’m glad you ended up liking it more than you initially thought! I have some dresses I’ve made and though I was excited about them at the time, I’ve barely worn!:p Bah! Oh well, I suppose its all part of the sewing experience!
    Enjoy your time in Canada!:)

  6. BB

    Koodos to you for sticking with it. I despise a project halfway thru and muddle on thru to the glorious end! endings are always mixed s you know.
    Have this carvel samsung P23649 which is jersey like and will go to bed with it if nothing else. BUT are you publishing the maxi skirt pattern? it would be so perfect.
    Question: cold water wash this? or? Any tips.

  7. Todd Kvamme

    Very well done. Just discovered this post while searching on “Vogue 8379 Sleeve Ease”. I have made this dress a few times now. My mom wanted the sleeves tighter so I am having to add a gusset and take out a bunch of ease in the sleeve.

    As for me…I sew what other people want to wear! And I sew what I want them to wear. I am the equivalent to your “Old Man”. I just like the art of garment design sewing.

    Cheers…et à bientôt!

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