And this is how you lose sewing focus…

I was in France. For 3 weeks. I bought fabric (of course). I came back less than a week ago and pre-washed all said fabrics (gold star for me). I started working on an apdapted Archer pattern for 1 or 2 shirts out of the new fabric.

Proof #1

Practising Plackets à la Off-the-Cuff mode...

Practising Plackets à la Off-the-Cuff mode

And Proof #2


Removing shoulder length...

Removing shoulder length…

And then i visited Lekala’s website and saw this :


I’m off to check my mailbox compulsively until the custom sized pattern arrives. It’s been 6 minutes and 48 seconds. WHY IS IT TAKING SOOOO LONG??!

More to come….

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  1. that Lekala dress is very pretty and will look great on you. I just bought Vogue 8946 which has a similar feel. too many patterns, too little time, right?

    • Ooh I like this Vogue pattern, I saw some nice renditions of it, very flattering! Too many patterns, too much day job if you want my opinion!! Lekala (on the russian site) just released the “picture” of that pattern and it is not as appealing as I thought… I think I will have to make a muslin.

  2. Ooo I can see why you’ve gone for the Ralph Lauren inspired dress it looks fab!

  3. Ooooh love it!!! That one is a hit, can’t wait to see your version.


  1. […] point : after coming from holidays I set to work on a modified Archer shirt, the following tuesday I got distracted by Lekala 4362. I ordered it and print it out. Unfortunately on Friday I got distracted by the idea […]

  2. […] The sign that my pinterest board has become too big for my eyes has come. When I said that I was going to make Lekala 4362 because it reminded me of a Ralph Lauren design, I was terribly wrong… It was Michael Kors. […]

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